Dec. 8, 2020

The Drunken Ramblings Of Mad Men

Today's episode, we do our best Macho Man Randy Savage impressions, dive a little deeper into Star Wars, and debate on whether or not you should get a drink with your overpriced meal. Special outro provided by Reign Of Athena.

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Dec. 5, 2020

A Memory Lane Road Trip

The Monolith phenomenon continues it's rampage as yet another one appears, this time in California. We reminisce about our travels out West, getting a little lost in Oregon, and a different track from Reign of Athena plays us out.

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Dec. 3, 2020

Cracking The McCracken Code

On this episode, we torment ourselves talking about the Monolith phenomenon, intimate bear relations, Covid-19, Gov. DeWine, Grismer Tires, the NFL, and we play a special outro featuring a good friend's band, Reign of Athena.

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Nov. 30, 2020

Just Getting The Hang Of It

Figuring out what we're gonna do, what to talk about, and knowing that Socrates was right, and Grogu is wrong.

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