If you like Joe Rogan, you'll hate us! Just 3 people talking about whatever we think about. We talk about this. We even talk about that. But we never talk about that one thing. Episodes come out thrice weekly. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Available pretty much wherever you get your podcasts!



About the Hosts



IN THE BLUE CORNER! Standing at a respectable 6 feet, 2 inches tall! Weighing in at way too much! THE MAN! THE MYTH! THE B-RAD!.....BRAD MATOSKY!

Brad has been bringing the heat as your average, everyday regular dude for 37 years! A North American traveler with a resume' boasting 38 of 50 states visited, as well as Canadia and Meh He Co.

Movie lover, music aficionado, kitty kat petter, cheese devourer, beer drinking, gaming, lovable summamabitch!



IN THE RED CORNER!! World traveler extraordinaire. Culinary debonair. Photo guru. Dancing machine. LORD OF SCOTLAND! ORDAINED MINISTER! COFFEE DRINKING SUMBITCH! Weighing in at 185. Standing average at 5'7". The captain of charisma! The SULTAN OF SWANK! Daniiiieeelll STEPP!!!

Daniel is a modest man with the energy of a sloth on cocaine and the mind of a giraffe that knows English. He drinks his coffee with a little cream and no sugar. His hobbies include hiking, watching cobra kai, and cooking. He's a Dayton native with a lust for travel. If he could be any animal he would be a golden retriever in a middle class family living in a lake house.



IN THE PURPLE CORNER! A 5'4" ginger. Master of Resting Bitch Face and Spreadsheet Hell! The overthinker of the group!.....Samantha!

Samantha enjoys long walks on the beach and cuddly kittens... who are we kidding?! She has NO filter, will talk about anything with anyone and does not hold back. She has seen Stonehenge, The Eiffel Tower, and a dick fountain in the Red Light district of Amsterdam.

She loves music more than movies and television. Collects memes and Funko Pop figures (seriously she has a problem). Down to earth and yes, she over thought this whole bio.